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Do you have an existing affiliate program, either directly or through and agency, we will be more than happy to participate - send us an email on jens(at)travelwithjens(dot)dk and we will get back to you as soon as possible

It is possible to advertise directly on

Advertising can be exclusive, per ad unit, per market and in combination with twitter / facebook campaigns. Payment can be based on the DPF supported methods.

You could also become a sponsor. We have general sponsorships and specific sponsorships for categories, destinations, tags and our email newsletter. So if you enjoy my content and want to use it in your business context or it supports your business - please get in touch.

Contact jens(at)travelwithjens(dot)dk to request our media kit and explore your options.



An experienced traveler in so many ways. A globetrotter with experience to share. A storyteller with stories to tell. A passionate belief in travel. Born in Denmark - travelling the world.

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